Google Optimizing your website is one, if not the most important thing to do for your website.

Not only are there more searches performed using Google, but most importantly Google searches generate more sales per search.

Of the total online purchase last year, Google accounted for 44.5% of all online sales, not from their pay per click program, but from people using the natural Google search to find products.

Now this may not seem impressive at first but its nearest competitor Yahoo! only did 17% of the sales.

What we do for you is make it simple, easy and cost effective to get into the top rankings in the search results either in a do it yourself program, we do it for you program or even a turnkey program that you never have to do anything but go to the bank and make deposits.

Search engine optimization is an online businessmanís dream. Wouldnít you love getting countless numbers of customers at an unbelievable ROI (short for return on investment)?

Achieving a top ranking can bring in an avalanche of eager customer traffic that are actively searching for the very products or services you sell.

And that's what we do for you by optimizing your pages for Google. Want to see some results of our efforts see our what our clients say about us page.

There is absolutely no reason to have a website unless itís going to be seen. And thatís why search engine optimizing is so important.

Of the people that use Google 79% go to the first five listings on page one of search results. 28% will go up to three pages and 10% will look at up to 5 pages. Yes, that does total 117% that's because of those that go to the first five listings many do go to other listed results.

But doesnít it take a lot of time and effort to hit the top of the search rankings especially Google?

Yes. Many aspects of search engine optimizing do take not only time, but knowledge of what Google looks for and lots of effort before you can really harvest the rewards that search engines, especially Google, have to offer. There is really no shortcut for quality search engine optimization.

Ask yourself:

Do you want a more cost effective way to get visitors to your website then AdWords with better results?

Do you want your website to be successful?

Do you want an easy way to do the above?

Then using our services would be right for you.

Can we help everyoneís website?

NO. Didnít expect that answer did you. Well, itís the truth. Something you donít hear that often on the Internet or on websites trying to sell their service.

Who canít we help?

  • If you are on a free hosting service we canít help you, unless you get on a paid hosting service.

    Google feels, as most people do, that if you're hosted for free either you're not serious about what you do or sell, or you're a scam.

  • If you are using a cookie-cutter website (website that is identical to one or more websites) we can't help you.

    Google drops websites that are identical like hot potatoes so they don't clog up their data base with the same information.

  • If you are using multiple domain names pointing to the same website we canít help you until you remove the redirects.

    Google will throw their infamous -30 ranking penalty on these websites.

  • If you are using a doorway page or a completely Flash entrance page we canít help you unless you are willing to remove that page.

    As impressive as the Google bots are they can not read text in flash or images and they can not follow any links from the page.

  • If your entire website is built in Flash we can't help you unless you are willing to have the entire website rebuilt.

    Again, Google bots can not read Flash well enough yet to rank properly.

  • If your website is built with Frames (completely different then tables) we can't help you unless you are willing to have the entire website rebuilt.

  • If you are using Dynamic Web Pages (to find out if you have Dynamic Web Pages click on one of the links on your website then look up in the browser address box. If a ď?Ē, without the quotes, appears anywhere in the address your using Dynamic Web Pages) we canít help you unless you are willing to change that, which may mean rebuilding the entire website navigation.

  • If you are an adult x rated website we wouldnít help you.

  • If we feel you are participating in anything that we feel is dishonest in anyway we wouldnít help you, this includes using graphics or text without permission.

  • If your website is not in English we can't at this time help you. We do not have translators for all the different languages.

Can we help you if youíve been banned from Google? There is only a 50/50 chance now due to the new Google policy on banned pages but there is an alternate solution to that problem.

With that said letís move on.

One of the hardest things for people to understand is that optimizing your website for Google is performed on two different playgrounds onsite and offsite and each are equally important.

Optimizing onsite is limited and once performed properly only needs to be tweaked every now and again.

But having a fully optimized website alone will not get you that top 10 ranking in Google, you still must also optimize offsite for the top spots.

Optimizing offsite is basically limited only in the amount of time, effort and resources you have available.

But offsite optimizing alone again will not get you that top ranking, your pages themselves must be properly optimized to get those coveted top positions.

To find out more about offsite optimizing see our services page.